Tyson Erikson

Tyson has been thrust into the mutant life. A long time dream, let's hope it doesn't become a nightmare.


Type: Ascended Mutant (Homo Superior Supreme)

Fighting: 20 (Excellent) Reason: 30 (Remarkable) Health: 70
Agility: 20 (Excellent) Intuition: 25 (Excellent) Karma: 80
Strength: 10 (Good) Psyche: 25
Endurance: 20 (Excellent)

|Metallurgy|Gadgetry|Repair/Tinkering|First Aid|

Metal Manipulation: Incredible 40
Tyson is able to manipulate metal on a molecular level for a variety of effects.
Power Stunts:
Dancing Shield: Drawing on a nearby metal object, Tyson reshapes it into a flat disc to hover nearby, providing a modicum of protection.
Binding Coils: Tyson focuses and wraps metal bindings about his foe, Holding them in place. This trick may also be used to re-enforce mundane metallic bindings such as handcuffs.


Tyson grew up in a town just outside Chicago – Gary, Indiana. His childhood was relatively unremarkable, he never showed interest in the kinds of hobbies most children have. His school years were filled with close aquaintances, but no one he would call “friend.” His grades where passable, mostly b’s and c’s, so he blended into the background. No plans for college, just floating along.
Working in his father’s scrapyard allowed Tyson a lot of time to himself, walking the yard and digging out old parts for customers. Picking apart various things for their mechanical or electrical guts gave him a tinkering knowledge better than he could get in school.
Tyson consumes all things mutant and super power related – secretly longing for the day when his powers come to the surface.

Tyson Erikson

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