Type: Ascended Mutant (Homo Superior Supreme)

Health: 130
Karma: 140

Fighting: Amazing 50
Agility: Incredible 40
Strength: Excellent 20
Endurance: Excellent 20

Reason: Incredible 40
Intuition: Amazing 50
Psyche: Amazing 50

True Sight: Unearthly 100
Kione has the Seigan (Correct Eye) which allows him to see everything all of the time. This allows him to observe the tiniest of details and track even the fastest moving object, even when his direct line of sight is obscured. He is able to add his power rank to his Intuition for combat purposes.

He has the following power stunts:

  • Ignore body armor: Unearthly 100
  • Battle precognition: Able to declare action after everyone else
  • Ultimate defense: Use his power rank (Unearthly) to counter roll against any physical or energy attack
    Green Feat= Attack is evaded
    Yellow Feat= Attack is evaded and countered for 1/2 damage
    Red Feat= Attack is evaded and countered with a critical strike for full damage


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